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Pamfilo Adriano Zurita operates in the San Pedro area, Tabaconas district, San Ignacio province. Managing three farms—La Breva (1960 masl), La Caña (1935 masl), and El Guataraco (1950 masl)—he has named these farms after indigenous birds and plants found in the forest of the San Pedrino hill.

Cultivating 2 hectares of coffee, Pamfilo focuses on the Pache, Mundonovo, Caturra and Bourbon varieties. In 2020, he joined the Cedros Cooperative, contributing to the cooperative's network of dedicated producers.

Producer: Pamfilo Adriano Zurita

Region: Tabaconas, San Ignacio 

Altitude: 1960m

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Process: Washed

Taste Notes: Plum, Jasmine, Raspberry

WEIGHT: 250g


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