About us

We're Ivana&Marko. A couple that, while shooting weddings around the globe, somehow fell in love with specialty coffee. Back home in 2018 we decided to rent out a tiny neglected space in Hvar, tear it apart, breathe new life into it and open our first shop in Hvar. We named it kava 37.

Today, kava family is a sum of three parts - kava37 in Hvar, together with kava2 and kavaRO (our roastery) in Split.  

The story of kava includes two people in love, their families, many friends with thoughtful ideas, pinch of childhood memories, a very talented designer, and a spoonful of colour. All of this makes our family a true story. Our cafes are simply named - kava - a Croatian word for coffee. A superscript number is added to the name which represents the street number our coffee shop is home at. Think of the shapes used as enlarged ground coffee particles in all their grain, while their colour is tied to a location. Green on the first image is the average colour of plants in Hvar, yellow is the average colour of houses, blue of the sea and so on. Each location has a different look and feel as each colour palette is unique while intertwined with the place it’s in.

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Coffee packaging is crafted with attention to details and small touches of history. We’re all here thanks to certain people that pushed us along the way and we plan to honour all of them in time. Currently some of our coffee packaging feature an image of Marko’s late dad from 1965, a year in which he moved to a part of Split where Marko grew up. Hospitality is at the core of who we are. Our whole business is focused on a simple motto - roasting and brewing beautiful coffees from beautiful people for beautiful people. We want you to feel welcomed at our cafes. The service you get is what completes the long coffee chain and pays tribute to all the people that worked hard to get to that cup. Our family is made up of some extraordinary people who respect this. We want our shops full of people from our community working, reading, and having conversations there. Think of it as your extended living room. After all - we are family.

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Focused on quality, hospitality while respecting everyone in the long coffee chain, kava is driven by the amazing community of people that appreciate what we do and how we do it. Our approach towards coffee, business and our clients is simple, honest and committed. We strive to bring beautiful coffees from beautiful people to beautiful people - you. 

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