Let's grow together!

If you stumbled on this page, chances are - we've been in your shoes. kava is no trading company with CEOs or investors. We're a small, honest, independent business with simple goals: roasting and brewing beautiful coffees from beautiful people for beautiful people. 

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Life = relationships.

Wholesale is at the heart of what we do. We want our clients to succeed, but we also need them to understand that it takes far more than simply stocking great beans at the cafe. This business is about the people, customer service, culture and community that follows. That's a reason why we supply our coffees only to hospitality oriented clients which don't compromise on quality.

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Make it personal.

Knowing what we would want from a partnership, we created options that cover virtually everything. From consulting, training and customer support to equipment, workflow, pricing, and amazing beans. One stop shop for all-you-need to get going. 


Reach out if you have any questions and let's take it from there!