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This coffee from the Risaralda region in Colombia is certainly one of the most exciting to hit the shelves this year. We have seen a trend in the last few years of innovation and experimentation with coffee processing techniques. Since the coffee seed has the miraculous ability to absorb other compounds and flavours, producers have developed fermentation methods to intentionally create particular tastes. Among the most advanced coffee processors is Julio Andres Quiceno from Café Uba. While also working with traditional processes and exotic varieties, Julio has developed and mastered various techniques in flavour development. This one is called Caturra Nitro and these are the steps which the beans undergo:

The coffee is fermented in a bioreactor where it is combined with fruit must ( watermelon in this case ), starter cultures, and culturing leachates. The oxygen inside the bioreactor is replaced with nitrogen. Throughout this process, the temperature, pH, and Brix levels are closely monitored. The parameters for these fermentations are established based on continuous research and are adhered to a specific range of values.

After fermentation and removing of the mucilage, the coffee beans undergo a meticulous drying process. They are first sun-dried for twenty days, soaking up the natural essence of the sun. This is followed by a five-day mechanical drying period to fine-tune the moisture content. This combination of drying methods preserves the beans’ delicate flavors and aromas.

The result in the cup is a coffee which has an obvious taste of watermelon, since the must of this fruit was used. However the taste experience is not one-dimensional, but rather complex and very balanced.

Producer: Julio Andres Quiceno

Region: Altagracia, Risaralda

Altitude: 1600m

Variety: Caturra

Process: Watermelon Nitrogen Fermentation

Taste Notes: Watermelon, Lime, Cantaloupe

WEIGHT: 125g


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