Brazil | Fazenda Pântano




Fazenda Pântano is operated by the Ferrero family, a family of Italian heritage whose ancestors migrated to Brazil in 1912 to work on coffee plantations. The fazenda covers over 700 hectares, of which more than 100 hectares are kept uncultivated as a natural forest reserve. The Ferraro family supports a local school and funds various staff trainings. Besides the traditional natural processing method, Fazenda Pântano also applies the so-called “eco-washing“ method. After harvesting, the cherries are pulped and immediately dried on African beds, which saves valuable water resources.

It is our 5th consecutive year buying coffee from this farm and each year we are amazed by the consistency in processing. This pulped natural lot has smooth chocolatey notes combined with nuts and soft citric notes.

Region: Coromandel, Cerrado

Variety: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Pulped Natural

Elevation: 1200m

Taste Notes: Nougat, Pecan Nut, Mandarin

WEIGHT: 250g or 1000g

Please note that 250g bags can be shipped in kava boxes as an additional option. All grind sizes are approximate and in relation to the equipment we use. Grind size or setting might differ from your equipment preferences. If not certain order beans as we can't accept returns for pre-ground coffees. Thank you for understanding. 


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