Barista Hustle 2.0 professional pitcher

by kavafamily

Barista Hustle professional milk pitcher features perfectly aligned handle and spout, durable body with a laser welded handle and convenient fill markers.

Total capacity: 400 or 600 ml.
The handle and spout is perfectly aligned in all directions to +/- 2 millimetres. Perfect alignment means this pitcher pours consistent and symmetrical latte art every time.
Durable, 0,9 mm thick walls. Made of high-quality 304 18/8 stainless steel.
Markers on the inside of the pitcher allow baristas to quickly fill the pitcher with an accurate amount of milk. Placed on either side of the spout, each marks 100 ml.
Versatile spout, for both wide and narrow latte arts.
Laser-welded handle which has no un-washable crevices and is more durable than regular handles.

Dishasher safe.


We've made our packaging extra nice for you to re-use or recycle. 


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