Limited Edition Sample Box


196,00 kn

We received a shipment of fresh coffees recently and, after meticulous roasting and cupping, we decided to offer them in a form of a sample box. The box holds five 100g bags of coffee beans and is an ideal way to try our new selection without having to buy all of them!

What's inside? 

100g Guatemala Pampojilá - washed
100g Ethiopia Banko Gotiti - washed
100g Bolivia Doña Juana - washed
100g El Salvador Finca El Cerro - natural
100g Ethiopia Gurachonatural

There are only 10 sample boxes available exclusively via our webshop. Sample box cannot be customized and aree sold as beans only (no pre-grinding).


We've made our packaging extra nice for you to re-use or recycle. 


Swift, flexible and reliable. We ship coffees from our warehouse twice a week.

Delivery times

EU up to 5 working days for most countries. Croatia within 24hrs after shipping.