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Based on the slopes of Mount Kenya, the Embu county is known for producing rather small amounts of coffee. The Thambana Farmers’ Cooperative consists of two wet mills: Kathima and Kiungu. Approximatley half of the 5,000 members deliver their cherries to the Kiungu wet mill. The factory is situated in an area with wells of salty water, which the locals call “Kiungu” and the mill derived its name from.

In Kiungu coffees are traditonally processed: timely and selectively hand picking preceeds a careful sorting before the cherry is pulped and processed. After utilising clean water from the Rupingazi river for the wet processing, the beans are sun dried on raised beds.

Most coffee cherries produce two coffee seeds, which face each other and develop one flat side. Peaberries, however, germinate alone inside a coffee cherry and thus, as the name indicates, have a round shape and rather look like a pea. These types of beans roast in a different way and establishes a sophisticated taste through greater intensity of flavor. Peaberries only make up around 5 per cent of the crop.

Even though we recommend it for filter or immersion brews, we get 45-55g of tasty espresso from 20g dose within 24-28sec.

ORIGIN: Kenya, Embu region, Kiungu mill, 2100 Smallholders

VARIETY: Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34


ELEVATION: 1200-1900m

CUP: Tea-like, Orange Blossom, Citric Acidity

WEIGHT: 250g


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