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Our first Indian coffee comes from Ratnagiri Estate, located in the state of Karnataka in the  countrie’s south western region. The family farm’s history of coffee cultivation goes back to almost a century, but only since Ashok Patre started to operate the farm a big effort is being done to produce remarkable specialty coffees. 

At an altitude of between 1000-1500 m.a.s.l., with stable temperatures between 14-32 degrees celsius and an annual rainfall of 1750-2250 mm this mild climate provides optimal conditions for growing coffee. Additionally the owner is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, protecting the farms two freshwater streams and managing shade trees to maintain biodiversity.

During the last 3 years Ratangiri Estates main effort has been improving the processing steps of coffee production. African beds and completely newly constructed greenhouses make the control of the drying process easier and more accurate while the building of stainless steel tanks allows experimenting with various anaerobic fermentation methods. 

Having tried their coffees for two years in a row we can confirm that the efforts of Ashok Patre and his team do reflect in the cup quality. We decided to buy a lot of orange honey processed Catuai. The drying took 24 days on parabolic dryers with the parchment coffee being moved every 7 hours. When tasting this coffee we find sweetness reminding us of marzipan and dark honey, nutty pecan notes, a subtle spiciness of vanilla and cinnamon and a mild malic acidity.

Producer: Ashok Patre

Region: Bababudan, Karnataka

Altitude: 1250m

Variety: Catuai

Process: Orange honey

Taste notes: Marzipan, pecan, raisins

WEIGHT: 250g


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