Guatemala | Green Valleys of Chorti


75,00 kn

Micro climate from Valleys of the Chorti has great impact on the flavours found in these beans. Full bodied coffee with flavors of dark chocolate and mild citric acidity result with very cleand and balanced coffee. We'd recommend it for espresso, milk based beverages, moka and cold brew. Those of you who like stronger, low acidity coffees can try it as a filter as well.

We start with 35-40g of espresso from 19g dose within 23-27sec.

ORIGIN: Guatemala, Chiquimulas, Oriente

VARIETY: Catuai, Bourbon


ELEVATION: 1500-1700m

CUP: Full body, Dark chocolate, Notes of stone fruits, Well integrated citric like acidity, Balanced

WEIGHT: 250g


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