Gaggia new Classic

by Gaggia

Gaggia Classic in industrial grey colour is the new version of a manual coffee machine for home use. A professional group, portafilter and steam wand compact size, classic design and a 15-bar pump - a perfect way to get a smooth espresso and milk coffees at home.
This version has got a new front colour, it is equipped with a professional steam wand, a solenoid valve, aluminium boiler.


Chromed Brass Filter Holder - The same professional chromed brass filter holder used in Gaggia’s commercial machines, ensuring a
consistent temperature throughout the coffee making and dispensing process that grant you a perfect “crema” layer to your daily Espresso.

Professional Milk Frother - Cappuccinos will become your favourite!
Solenoid Valve 
New Aluminium Boiler
Analog Interface - Controlled with buttons.
Stainless Steel Body - Classic design, durability, ease of cleaning.
Heated Cup Holder - Warm cups = Coffee served at the right temperature. 
15-bar Pump - Pumps the water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema-topped espressos
2.1-litre Water Tank - No need to fill it after every use! 
Economic for Daily Use - All compartments are directly accessible for maximum convenience – whether that’s refilling with water or ground coffee or emptying the filter or drip tray.
Ground Coffee and Pod - Gaggia’s manual machines come with a coffee filter for 1 & 2 cups of ground coffee, and a special filter for ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pods.
This is an espresso machine only. Does not come with a grinder included!


We've made our packaging extra nice for you to re-use or recycle. 


Swift, flexible and reliable. We ship coffees from our warehouse twice a week.

Delivery times

EU up to 5 working days for most countries. Croatia within 24hrs after shipping.