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Nazimu Abamecha is a child from Botto, a village where his family has been producing coffee for several generations. He inherited his 8 hectare farm from his father and hopes that one day one of his children will follow his footsteps. Nazimu, a man in
his forties full of energy, is concerned to reveal the best of Jimma's coffees. Ten years ago, he created the Duromina cooperative to ensure better recognition of the region's coffee production. He was the manager of this cooperative for eight years and developed a wealth of experience in coffee farming as well as trading during that time. But two years ago, aware that increasing value of coffee is linked with a better traceability, he decided to sell his coffee independently, while ensuring the highest possible quality of his lots.


The farm of Nazimu is located in the south of Jimma, in the district of Goma, village of Botto. Nazimu's parents worked this land before him, on which they also produced coffee. The farm is like a beautiful coffee forest made up of indigenous species. This complex agroforestry system ensures the production of high-quality coffee, where the cherries ripen slowly in the shade of a dense tree canopy. Nazimu is working to keep this ancient agricultural system alive by maintaining the forest. He also has few animals to help him to work corn fields, a crop that allows him to supplement his income. Nazimu manages his coffee trees with great care dividing them into different lots on his farm according to their age. The oldest plants are 32 years old, the most recent 4 years old.

Region: Jimma, Gomma

Producer: Nazimu Abamecha

Altitude: 1850-2100m

Variety: Heirloom

Process: Natural

Taste notes: Violet, Orange, Mangosteen

WEIGHT: 250g


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