Ethiopia | Ayla Bombe


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This spectacular Natural coffee was processed at the Ayla Washing Station run by Faysal A. Yonis and his family. Situated in the woreda of Bensa in the Sidama region Ayla processes coffees from the nearby villages Bombe and Shentawane. The methods include washed, natural and anaerobic.

For the natural process the cherries are being hand-sorted in order to remove any obvious defects. Then they are being spread out in thin and even layers on raised beds to be sun-dried for 15-20 days, depending on the weather conditions. Constant raking and covering the cherries during the hottest hours of the day avoids overfermentation and overdrying. After the dried coffee fruit is removed in the dry mill, the green coffee beans are undergoing another sorting step before being exported.

Upon the first sample roast and cupping we immediately fell in love with this very complex taste profile. Ayla Bombe offers loads of tropical fruit notes, a syrupy body, lactic and citric acidity while still tasting clean and fresh. We recommend it for all brewing methods including espresso and milk beverages. 

Region: Sidama, Bensa

Producer: 350 smallholders, Ayla washing station

Altitude: 1950-2100m

Varietal: Kurume

Process: Natural

Taste notes: Papaya, honeydew, passion fruit

WEIGHT: 250g


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