Drip Filter pack

by kavafamily

10,00 kn 12,00 kn

Our new drip filter bags were developed with two goals in mind - making specialty coffee available to everyone and everywhere while keeping it easy to brew. 12g of ground coffee is packed in fully compostable paper filters and sealed to keep it fresh over time. 

The design works great everywhere. Take it to your office, on your travels or your bike trip. All you need to brew it is hot water and a cup!

Our recipe is as follows:

1. Pour over a bit of hot water and let it bloom/sit for 20sec
2. Keep pouring to approximately 2dcl or 200g (one regular glass of water).
3. Let it cool for a few minutes and enjoy!


We've made our packaging extra nice for you to re-use or recycle. 


Swift, flexible and reliable. We ship coffees from our warehouse twice a week.

Delivery times

EU up to 5 working days for most countries. Croatia within 24hrs after shipping.