Colombia | El Diviso Sidra


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Delfin Lazo, the owner of this farm, has been a coffee producer for approximately 48 years. He lives there with his wife, Estela and two children and grandchildren. They all work on the farm, helping Estela with educating the family, housework, cooking, washing the coffee and moving it onto the drying beds.

Being a hardworking man and saving daily he managed to buy a lot on which he planted 4,000 coffee trees. After two and a half years of working this small plot with a lot of effort, sacrifice and dedication he was about to have the first harvest. But then while the workers were cleaning a road that was covered with weeds, they set all of that dry brush on fire, which rapidly spread over to the coffee plantation. The coffee trees could not be saved and Heiner planted cassava on the lot.

A year later, he married Estela and the need for income made him returne to work the lot that he had to abandon. With the help of his wife by selling her chickens and a sewing machine plus the savings from wages in another farm they could start growing a family. 

When Delfin started managing the farm El Diviso, it mainly consisted of neglected and unproductive caturra and other arabica trees.  With a lot of hard work and dedication, treating the land as if it was own, he managed to recover the farm. The house there was very small and old with plank floors and since there was no road the horse was the only means of transport. But because Delfin and Estela showed so much dedication, after four years the owner decided to offer the land to them.

Little by little they planted more caturra throughout the farm. Due to proper management, they collected good harvests and buyers of Heiners coffee gave good feedback, mentioning the sweet and aromatic cup. Back then he did not understand the quality, but this changed when he was invited to participate in regional contests. Learning more about coffee quality, Heiner started participating in other contests. With the savings of those years of prosperity the couple managed to pay for their children´s studies.

Now that Delfin and Estela are getting older, their kids are the ones who have taken over the farm work. The youngest son Heiner Lazo is in charge of the processing, drying and tasting. Estela is now engaged in what she has been most passionate about - gardening. She has a small nursery and grows orchids among other plants. The other son Wilder is in charge of marketing, soil studies and fertilisation. And the daughter is a teacher and supports them financially , helps with planning and projecting the infrastructure of the farm.

For this lot the cherries were reselected manually after the picking to achieve 100% of ripe fruits. The cherries were underwent oxidation for 24 hours followed by an anaerobic fermentation of 120 hours. The drying took place on raised beds under a canopy for 25 days.

Expect a cup that will challenge your sensory perception! Intense sweet notes of tropical fruits are followed by a rich fermented cocoa taste.

ORIGIN: Colombia, Palestina, Huila, El Diviso farm


PROCESS: Anaerobic natural


CUP: zapote, granadilla, cocoa nibs

WEIGHT: 250g


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