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Finca el Paraiso owner Diego cultivated his trees and sold his cherries to local cooperatives in the past, which allowed him to pay for his studies. Today, Finca el Paraiso is a family business focused on innovation and quality. This coffee is a pinnacle of their efforts.

It is fair to say we've never tried coffee like this one. Diego and his team started to analyse all processing steps. Diego became a certified Level 2 Q Processing Professional, which allows him to see and understand how pH, temperature and microorganisms affect coffee cup profiles.

After tackling the drying process, they developed fermentation labs where they grow microorganisms, like Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, and built fermentation tanks. Every variable of the fermentation is controlled and optimised: from the yeast they add, to the time the cherries ferment, the temperature of the tank or of the water. This coffee went through 48 hours anaerobic fermentation of cherries in tanks with relief valve at 18°, 96 hours anaerobic fermentation of pulped cherries (with mucilage) at 18°Cm first wash at 40°C to create a thermic shock, second wash at 12°C and 34 hours drying at 35°C and 25% humidity, until the beans reach 10-11% moisture

We get 35-45g of espresso from 20g dose within 26sec.

ORIGIN: Colombia, Finca el Paraiso. Piendamó, Cauca

VARIETY: Castillo

PROCESS: Experimental


CUP: Complex, Juicy, Ripe plum, Pungent, Transparent, Berry jam, Lavender


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