Congo | Virunga National Park Organic


85,00 kn

Bright, clean, floral and full bodied. This Congo is a perfect companion for all home brewers. It works great both as filter and espresso.

Located at the border to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, the Kivu area is home to coffees with stunning cup profiles. While the area is subject to ongoing conflicts, a cooperation between coffee farmers, Farm Africa and the Virunga National Park is encouraging peace through the growing of specialty coffee. Established in 1925, the Virunga National Park is the oldest national park in Africa and one of the last refuges of the mountain gorilla, and is also home to highly endangered lowland gorillas as well as savannah elephants, chimpanzees, lions, leopards and antelopes. It has the largest diversity of birdlife in the world. Due to its situation in eastern DR Congo, the park faces many existential challenges.

We get 40-45g of espresso from 20g dose within 29sec.

ORIGIN: Congo, Kitaragha, Mususa, Butembo, North Kivu

VARIETY: Bourbon


ELEVATION: 1,478 - 1,769

CUP: Full body, Floral, Chocolate, Bright citric acidity


Images by: Carl de Keyzer / Magnum Photos for the Virunga Foundation

WEIGHT: 250g


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