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Angie Molina and Jhon Espitia produce their coffees in Tolima, a region located in central Colombia. Their farm Las Cerezas del Triunfo near Dolores is a family heritage that they keep positioning both in the local and international market. They produce Caturra, Colombia, Castillo and Pink Bourbon, which they process as washed, honey and natural, depending on the final product they aim to achieve.

Both Angie and Jhon are very experienced in the coffee industry. Angie mainly takes care of administrative matters such as exports and customer relations worldwide. Also she has been competing successfully in the national brewers cup, including a 3rd place in 2018.

Jhon as an agronomist, green coffee analyst and roaster is responsible for the production and trains other producers in order to improve their coffee quality. Together they run a roastery and 2 beautiful coffee shops named Insignia Coffee in Ibagué, the capital of Tolima.

We selected a lot of washed Pink Bourbon, which impressed us on the cupping table with floral notes combined with marmelade-like fruitiness and an overall complex and juicy cup.

This coffee was picked with 100% of ripe cherries at 21 Brix. After the first washing phase and when floaters were taken out, the cherries were depulped and placed in 40 lts containers. The aim with this process was to increase and preserve bacteria activity and enhance acidity during the fermentation phase. After fermentation and a last washing phase, the beans were placed on African beds for drying.

Pink Bourbon is a variety originally from the Huila region in the south of Colombia. According to a recent study done by the National Coffee Research Center ( Cenicafé ) it was first discovered by coffee producer Gabriel Castaño on his farm near San Adolfo. Instead of their usual red or yellow colour, some coffee cherries had a distinct slightly pink tone when ripe. Those trees later showed to have a certain resistance to coffee leaf rust, yielded more fruit than other Bourbon varieties, needed less fertiliser and had an excellent cup quality. So due to its characteristics, Pink Bourbon is possibly a natural hybrid between progenies of the variety Colombia, although its exact origin is still unknown.

ORIGIN: Colombia, Dolores, Tolima, Las Cerezas del Triunfo

VARIETY: Pink Bourbon

PROCESS: washed, 24 hrs fermentation in mucilage


CUP: raspberry jam, kiwi, cherry blossom

WEIGHT: 250g


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