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Finca Campo Hermoso located in Circasia, Quindio, Colombia, is a 25-hectare farm known for its unique experimental Bourbon and Caturra coffees. Led by Edwin Noreña, a fourth-generation farmer and coffee innovator, the farm produces exceptional and distinctive profiles.

He has developed a unique co-fermentation technique inspired by the craft beer industry. By adding compounds like hops and dehydrated fruits to the fermentation tanks, Edwin creates distinct flavors that complement the natural fermentation process. This technique, involving two fermentations of 72h and a careful selection of cherries, produces exceptional distinctive profiles.

Cherries are harvested when they reach a sugar content above 24 brix and are then soaked in water for 5 hours. Initial carbonic maceration takes place for 96 hours. The coffee is pulped leaving 100% mucilage for the second 48-hour anaerobic fermentation, with recirculation of a mixture of Isabelina grape Mossto, wine yeast, amino acids and glucose every 24 hours. The coffee is sun- dried on African beds covered with a special shaded cloth for 24 days until the humidity reaches 10.5%. Following humidity stabilization for eight days in a warehouse, it is stored in grain-pro bags.

Edwin Noreña takes a different path compared to traditional coffee farmers. Unlike using large amounts of water in the coffee processing, Edwin’s method eliminates the need for water intervention. Additionally, he utilizes coffee husk (cascara) as organic compost and fertilizer, promoting sustainability in his practices. Furthermore, he’s transitioning the entire coffee processing plant to solar energy. His commitment to eco-friendly solutions and resource optimization sets him apart in the industry. With 20 years of coffee production experience, Edwin’s dedication to specialty coffee is evident. He’s dedicated the last 10 years to studying and experimenting with coffee.

Edwin’s high-quality coffees have been recognized in international competitions worldwide. Besides farming, Edwin serves as a coffee processing consultant, Q-grader, and head judge for the Colombian Cup of Excellence competition. 

Producer: Edwin Noreña

Region: Circasia, Quindío

Altitude: 1700m

Variety: Caturra

Process: Honey, Carbonic Maceration, co-fermentation with grapes

Taste Notes: Sweet grapes, Apple compote, Elderberry

WEIGHT: 125g


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