Holiday Blend


75,00 kn

It might be getting colder outside, but it’s getting warmer in our roastery. We knew you’d be looking for a perfect companion for your cartoon themed payamas in the mornings to come, so we wanted to do something fun for this holiday season. Our first ever limited edition holiday blend is a result of combining three coffees to create a versatile, creamy and juicy coffee perfectly suited for the holiday times. 

What’s in there?
40% Costa Rica Finca La Amada yellow honey
30% Brazil Fazenda Pantano pulped natural
30% Colombia Villa Coffee Farm natural

This easy to drink, easy to brew, delicious coffee has holiday flavour notes of marzipan, nougat, cinnamon and cherry. It’s a real crowd pleaser and a perfect gift when wrapped under the Christmas tree

We get 40-45g of espresso from 20g dose within 28sec.

ORIGINS: Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia

VARIETY: Yellow Bourbon, Villa Sarchi, Caturra and Tabi

PROCESS: Natural, yellow honey and pulped natural

ELEVATION: 1200-1700m

CUP: Marzipan, Nougat, Cinnamon and Cherry. 

WEIGHT: 250g


We've made our packaging extra nice for you to re-use or recycle. 


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