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Las Nubes from Costa Rica is back! Two years ago we were fortunate enough to buy one bag of the first harvest from this Geisha variety. Last year producers Roberto Mata, his son Michael and grandson Mario entered the lot into the Cup Of Excellence competition, immediately ranking 17th with a score of 87,74.

This year the producers made quite a big change in processing their Geisha: Instead of doing a honey, they processed it completely as a natural. There are more risks involved regarding the drying ( overfermentation, possible rains ) and the outcome in cup quality was not certain. Additionally Roberto's grandson Mario took over the whole post-harvest process for the first time, however it seems that he and everyone involved have done extremely well: The cup profile of the Geisha was remarkable from the first moment when harvest was still ongoing and only a small amount was just dried and hulled.

Subsequently the Mata family decided to enter half of their harvest into the Cup Of Excellence competition again. The result was impressive, however not surprising: Las Nubes Geisha made it into the Top10 of the best Costa Rican coffees of 2023, scoring an impressive 89.81 points and ranking 7th place overall. Luckily the other half of the harvest went into regular export and kava was able to secure a small amount of this remarkable coffee.

Available in 125g bags this limited edition Geisha shows complex and exotic fruitiness, honey-like sweetness and elegant florals.

Region: Llano De Piedra, Santa Maria De Dota

Producer Roberto, Michael and Mario Mata

Variety: Geisha

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1800m

Taste Notes: Peach, Strawberry, Pomelo

Weight: 125g


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