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Intense, fruity and punchy - this full bodied Colombian compliments milk beverages beautifully. By drying the whole cherries, the sweet and juicy flavors from the mucilage migrate into the parchment and create a unique fruity cup with honey-like sweetness. 

With great love and careful practice, coffee farm owner Willington Gutierrez takes care of approximately 35,000 Arabica trees year in and year out. His excellence was recognized with a star in the “Siembra y Cosecha” awards, which recognize great performance in sowing and harvesting, coffee cultivation and quality management.

We get 35-45g of espresso from 20g dose within 24sec.

ORIGIN: Colombia, Vereda Cristalina, Planadas, Tolima

VARIETY: Caturra, Tabi, Castillo

PROCESS: Natural


CUP: Medium to full body, Brown sugar, Milk chocolate, Notes of young fresh tropical fruits, Medium citric acidity


 WEIGHT: 250g


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