El Salvador | Finca The Sugar Maples

by kava.family


This coffee is coming from two times Cup Of Excellence winners Roxana and Armando Guardado. After ranking 7th in 2021 with their natural Pacamara from Finca Tres Pozos they could repeat this success with yet another natural Pacamara from Finca The Sugar Maples. This year their submitted lot scored 88.46 points, resulting in rank 13. We can only congratulate Roxana and Armando - both times they submitted a lot they won, which speaks of their excellent work on their farms in Chalatenango.

Armando left El Salvador with 17 years to work in the United States and when he came back 30 years later he bought this property in the region of San Ignacio wells. The name "The Sugar Maples" references some trees on the farm which remind Armando of maple trees.

As with last year's Pacamara lot again we worked with our good friend Jorge Cruz from Tierra Bendita. He is doing a great effort to showcase some of the best coffees that El Salvador has to offer and especially supports farmers who are not yet well-known or well connected in the specialty coffee world. Additionally the producers are being given advice in sustainable farming processes.

This is a very clean processed natural resulting in a clean and balanced cup, yet with complex fruit notes of berries, mandarin, red grape and a sugarcane-like sweetness.

Region: San Ignacio, Chalatenango

Producer: Roxana&Armando Guardado

Altitude: 1650m

Variety:  Pacamara

Process: Natural

Taste Notes: Mandarin, Prune, Raspberry

WEIGHT: 250g


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