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Las Nubes (“The Clouds”) is the highest farm of producers Roberto Mata and his son Michael.  At 1850m the peak of this 4 hectares large farm indeed seems to reach the clouds, overlooking Santa Maria and the valley of Dota. Here the Mata family grows several varietals like Caturra, Catuaí, SL28 and Geisha.

It was in 2019 when Tobi became good friends with the whole Mata family. For a project for his previous company Supremo in Germany he was working together with Michael on a farm high up in the mountains of Tarrazú, learning a lot about farming practices without the excessive use of chemical products, making use of microorganisms and mycorrhizal fungi. As a sort of exchange Michael’s son Mario spent a couple of weeks in Munich learning about the work in a coffee roastery as well as the exciting culinary habits of Bavaria.

By then the Geisha trees on Las Nubes were almost 3 years old and producing the first couple of fruits. The harvest was just enough for a few kilos, but the intense smell of peach, that those coffee cherries had, was one to remember.

The Geisha variety has become a fixed institution in the world of high-end specialty coffee during the last decade. For instance, in the 2021 Costa Rica Cup Of Excellence 15 out 30 winning coffees were Geishas. This varietal is celebrated for its exceptional cup profile with intense floral notes combined with high sweetness and complex fruit notes like lime, peach or tropical fruits. On the other hand, those characteristics only show up, when this variety is grown in high altitudes. Since those trees do not have a high yield and need a lot of care, high quality Geisha coffees are still rare and sought-after.

One year later in 2021 the coffee trees are still not at the height of their production capacity but gave enough cherries for around 700kg of green coffee. In his mill Roberto chose to process one part as yellow honey and one part as red honey to find out how the flavor will be. On the cupping table in Roberto’s laboratory the Geisha showed clean floral notes of jasmine and lavender, stone fruits like peach and apricot as well as notes of blackberries and sweet, almost lemonade-like citric notes.

ORIGIN: Costa Rica, Tarrazu, Valle de Dota

PRODUCER: Roberto&Michael Mata


PROCESS: Yellow and red honey


CUP: Peach, jasmine, orange

WEIGHT: 250g


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