Bolivia | Doña Juana



Juana Garcia was born in Caranavi in 1963. As far as she can remember, she has produced coffee together with her parents.
After Juana lost her husband in 2008 she had to raise her 7 children on her own while maintaining coffee production. Coffee is her only income and it allows her to pay for her children's education. Her objective for the farm is to maintain production in organic farming and improve the quality to be one of the best farms in Bolivia.

Doña Juana's farm covers 4 hectares and is located in the region of Caranavi at an altitude of 1500 meters. Her coffee trees grow under the shade of native trees. The harvest is manual and selective and the farm is certified organic.


Region: Caranavi, La Paz

Producer: Juana Garcia

Altitude: 1525m

Variety: Various

Process: Washed

Taste Notes: Caramel, Plum, Almonds

WEIGHT: 250g


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